Welcome to Celia Dresses. My name is Susannah and I work as a fashion editor in Frankfurt. It can be pretty hard to find a really nice dress for a special occasion. I made this experience when my bridesmaids and I were searching for dresses for my own wedding. During that time, I noticed that in the USA the supply of modern, wearable dresses, that are feminine, but not too decorative, is much greater than here. Dresses that you love so much, so you wear them again. A selection of these treasures you will find in my concept store in Frankfurt. I will be happy to find the perfect dress for you and your girlfriends.


The charming old building with lots of daylight creates a warm, laid-back atmosphere. We furnished our store with a great attention to detail to make you feel comfortable. We offer you a place full of inspiration and we help you finding the perfect dress and everything that belongs with it.

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